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Akron, Ohio’s Annabel is the type of band that has always warranted double takes. Anchored by brothers Andy and Ben Hendricks, the pair’s familial link is obvious even in a quick glance, but telling them apart requires second looks and further investigation. Similarly, Annabel’s long stint on Count Your Lucky Stars meant it kept close company with some of modern emo’s elite, but a mere cursory listen to the band’s previous offerings have never done the band justice. On Having It All, its upcoming third LP and its first for Tiny Engines, Annabel proves that the record’s title isn’t cheeky. Instead its a way to describe just how expansively layered its music has become. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Having It All in advance of its release next week, while pre-orders for the record are still available through Tiny Engines’ store. It’s a record that deals in life’s big decisions through even bigger guitars, making for a record that’s worth a listen and then a deeper second look.


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