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Last week we all pointed and laughed at a clip from the BBC during which the open-office floorplan apparently so popular among broadcast news outlets revealed some employee kicking back and watching a little nudity. Whether it was outright pornography or just some sort of ’90s erotic thriller, possibly starring Michael Douglas or Richard Gere, was unclear—what was certain was that there were boobs, and they were accidentally on TV, and that was funny.

One viewer of those boobs was Anna Paquin, and she recognized them immediately:


Yes, it turns out that this employee was apparently taking a quick breather from work to catch up on the 2008-2014 HBO vampire drama, because why not, that show was wild as hell. As might be expected, this was a thunderbolt of joy into Paquin’s day, who began sharing it with all of her former cast mates:


All of which forms a sort of heartwarming spiral of internet content, in which a simple mishap inspires a viral clip but said virality also proves the clip to be more innocuous than originally believed, and also lets us all feel like we’re friends with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Pornography truly is the engine that keeps the internet running, even when it’s actually just HBO.

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