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Anna Nicole: The most anticipated movie of the year

Say, what film are you most looking forward to in 2008? Iron Man? Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull? The Onion Movie? Unless you answered "that horribly exploitative made-for-TV biopic on Anna Nicole Smith that I heard mentioned once and then promptly, deliberately forgot about," you must not have picked up the phone when cheapo production house Nasser Entertainment was doing its polling, because according to them, Anna Nicole is "the most anticipated motion picture of the year." The just-released trailer offers an early glimpse at self-proclaimed "Bad Girl Of Pop" Willa Ford playing the titular trainwreck, and between her appropriation of Smith's slurry baby talk and the film's softcore porn production values, we can't think of a classier, more fitting tribute to Smith's memory. Except perhaps dressing a chimp in a Marilyn Monroe wig and then force-feeding it Vicodin until it overdosed. But good luck getting financing for that!

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