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Anna Kendrick talks a lot of horse phallus in recent Vanity Fair interview

Pitch Perfect

Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is positioning itself as the next big, vulgar studio comedy, a Grandpa even Dirtier than the one that came before. To that end, stars Adam Devine, Aubrey Plaza, and Anna Kendrick have just given what Vanity Fair is calling its “Most Foul-Mouthed Interview Ever,” a three-minute video clip that seems to have used up the magazine’s entire stock of aggressively censoring beeps.

Plaza stays mostly on-brand—which is to say, there’s a lot of eye-rolling and not much in the way of words—while Devine plays along gamely, discussing his pubic hair in obscured but graphic detail. (The words “very very soft baby hair all over” are briefly employed.) But Kendrick—who’s never given many illusions that she cares too much about other people’s proprieties—is the stand-out, opening the interview with a discussion of her research methods for the film: “I had to spend a lot of time looking at horse dicks,” she drily begins. “Looking at horses fuck other horses.” Then there’s a digression about Devine’s “little rabbit dick.” You get the idea.


Is this semi-manipulative outrageousness-on-demand? Sure. But it’s also kind of fun, especially when Kendrick and Devine get into a groove that leaves more words bleeped than not. If nothing else, it should give you a sense of whether Mike And Dave is your speed, or whether you prefer your Anna Kendrick performances more sing-y, and less full of references to animal junk.

[via Uproxx]

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