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Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson returning to the Pitch

Pitch Perfect

It’s official: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will return for Pitch Perfect 3. The film also has a release date, and will hit theaters on July 21, 2017.

Kendrick broke the news of Beca’s return on Instagram and Twitter. Technically, both Beca and Fat Amy were seniors in Pitch Perfect 2, but the sequel brought back both Adam DeVine’s Bumper and Anna Camp’s Aubrey even though both characters graduated between the two films. Maybe they’ll return to the Bellas to fix shit when Steinfeld’s Emily inevitably tries to write another song as dumb as “Flashlight”(although, not even Beca’s producing abilities could save that mess).


Earlier this month, it was announced that Kay Cannon is in talks to return as screenwriter for the third installment, and while youngest Bella Hailee Steinfeld was already locked in for PP3, it was unclear whether Kendrick and Wilson would be back for thirds. But who can resist that sweet, sweet threequel money? In a month, PP2 has grossed $260 million worldwide, making more money in its opening weekend than the first movie made in its entire run.

Elizabeth Banks, along with her Brownstone Productions partner Max Handelman, will return with Paul Brooks to produce, but as of now, the film does not have a director.

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