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Anna Gunn joins Criminal Minds spinoff Minding Criminals or whatever

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We already knew that Gary Sinise would be leading the hunt for the world’s most catchable-within-a-week bad guys on a new spinoff of the CBS hit procedural Criminal Minds. Now comes word that he’ll have some distinguished company: TV Line reports that Anna Gunn, fresh off Fox’s totally unnecessary rehash of Broadchurch, has joined the cast of the new series.


Gunn will play “Ally Lambert, an international law expert and talented linguist. An indispensable part of the BAU team, she makes sure that bad guys worldwide don’t slip through the murky waters of international law.” As suggested by that description, Criminal Minds—Mind Your Criminal Manners (or whatever it’s called) will entail a team of FBI folks flying around the world, helping Americans abroad and socking international law right in the jaw. Where In The World Is Criminal Minds Sandiego? will film a pilot in February, with an eye towards a spring series premiere if all goes according to plan. There’s also someone from The Walking Dead set to co-star, but since it’s a person who was still alive as of that show’s mid-season finale, we’ll slap a spoiler alert on here—click the above TV Line link at your own risk.

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