After months of tracking the next career moves of Breaking Bad stars—including Aaron Paul’s break into potential blockbusters, Betsy Brandt’s moving in with Michael J. Fox, and Bryan Cranston’s just-signed deal to potentially develop new series for himself—it seems Anna Gunn has also found somewhere to be, so everyone else can stop pretending like the show is ending and get back to making Breaking Bad. Gunn has signed on to star in the hour-long pilot Rita for Bravo, a drama (based on a Danish series) about “an acerbic, outspoken private-school teacher” that represents one of Bravo’s biggest upcoming forays into scripted television. It also represents the moment when everybody involved in Breaking Bad can rest assured that Gunn will be gone soon, and they didn’t have to be the one to kill off her character or ask her to leave. So they can all reconvene now and continue the show without looking like total jerks.