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There’s a scene in Revenge Of The Sith, after Palpatine gives the order to kill all the Jedi, where a pair of Wookiees help Yoda escape their planet. Yoda turns to one of them, gives a knowing look, and says, “Thank you, Chewbacca.” It’s horrible and it’s stupid, but that’s part of the fun of prequels. You get to make blatant references to things that haven’t happened yet just to wink at the audience. “Remember Chewbacca? Please say you’re having fun!”


Now, if some hints dropped by Anna Gunn herself are to be believed, Skyler White might be making a similar appearance on AMC’s Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul—though it probably won’t involve helping Bob Odenkirk escape the planet Kashyyyk. Speaking with E! News about the upcoming GracepointGunn admitted that she had heard rumors of Skyler popping up on the prequel/sequel, but she playfully dodged the question of whether or not those rumors are true. Still, she did say that she’d “love to be a part of [Better Call Saul],”  so we can probably consider it a confirmation that she’ll be joining Jonathan Banks and probably Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul on the list of actors likely to reprise their Breaking Bad roles in some capacity.

While joking around with Gracepoint co-star David Tennant, Gunn also dropped a hint that Skyler would be pregnant at the time of Better Call Saul, which should give us some idea of when the series will take place—either more than 17 years prior to the events of Breaking Bad, or relatively concurrent with it. At the very least, we’ll hopefully get a chance to see Skyler during happier times, long before some TV viewers inexplicably decided she was more unlikable than her lying asshole husband who cooks meth for a living.

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