After years of inspiring critical chivalry from those who have long lamented that her obvious comedic talents are repeatedly wasted on broad, hacky fare, Anna Faris has officially called for an end to such needless defending of her honor by signing on to star in Chuck Lorre's Mom, his new CBS sitcom about moms doing inherently funny mom stuff, like total moms. As previously reported, Mom will find Faris playing a recently sobered-up single mother—or mom, if you will—who's attempting to put her life back together in Napa Valley, where the temptation to undo it all with a glass of chardonnay is as obnoxiously overbearing as the punchlines on a Chuck Lorre sitcom. The show will also find Faris finally waving goodbye to the oft-argued assertion that she's simply biding her time waiting for better material, freeing critics to find some other supposed secret genius to champion. "Go on now—I'll be fine," Faris whispers as she turns away, barely visible through the haze of tears and the layers of hilarious Spanx she's donning.