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Anna Camp joins Bradley Whitford's salty Ivy League church choir comedy

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Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for Ted Baker London)

According to Deadline, Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect has joined the cast of NBC’s untitled church choir comedy pilot opposite Bradley Whitford—who was cast back in January. The show will star Whitford as a salty, Iv League-educated music professor who somehow ends up as the director of a rural church choir (we’re going to assume shenanigans are involved in some way). Camp will be playing a woman named Ginny, who is a waitress, divorced mother, and the “de facto director of the choir” before Whitford shows up to salt all over everything with his Ivy League ways. Of course, this sounds like it’s going to be one of those heartwarming comedies, so Camp and Whitford probably won’t be at each other’s throats for too long. Also, the show is “expected to incorporate musical numbers,” with Glee music producer Adam Anders on board as an executive producer. Basically, it sounds like Glee with adults but the director is salty instead of cheery.

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