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Animated short predicts the ending of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

It’s still going to be a while before Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters; the star-studded, Zack Snyder-directed blockbuster won’t be released until March 25, 2016. To pass the time, the internet has been firing on all cylinders to mash up the film’s trailer with anything remotely entertaining, including the Friends theme song, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s catchy “Dayman,” and Jesse Eisenberg’s role in The Social Network.

Not surprisingly, a lot of rumors are floating around about Dawn Of Justice, chiefly how it will end. So animator Stephen Byrne has made a short video foretelling what’s bound to transpire when Batman and Superman finally duke it out. Honestly, this is probably what the entire movie will turn out to be, except maybe a little more drawn out and with Ben Affleck looking slightly uncomfortable in his heavily armored Batsuit.

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