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Animated short pits Force Awakens characters against their Star Wars equivalents

Illustration for article titled Animated short pits iForce Awakens /icharacters against their iStar Wars /iequivalents

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is really similar to the original 1977 Star Wars. Crazy, right? Naturally, the hard-to-miss similarities between the two films have been a frequent topic of conversation since TFA’s release. So while Dorkly’s new animated short comparing the two films isn’t exactly timely, it does hit the nail on the head.


Dorkly highlights just how identical the two films are by pairing new characters with their previous equivalents. Luke and Rey banter about their totally different desert home worlds (Jakku only has one sun!), Han and Obi Wan discuss the downsides of mentorship, and Boba Fett and Captain Phasma come to the realization that they both kind of suck. Presumably Dorkly is saving the Yoda/Maz Kanata meeting for its 2017 Empire Strikes Back/Episode VIII mash-up, although the fact that this video doesn’t feature an R2-D2/BB-8 face-off is pretty unforgivable.

(While box office gross suggests everyone has already seen The Force Awakens, be warned that this video reveals some twists from the film.)

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