It’s an exciting time for short animated films. In addition to the ones churned out by Pixar and Disney and attached to their movies, there’s also an explosion of creative voices bringing their animations to audiences via the web. Some, like Tokyo Cosmo, are part of a larger festival offering. But others are simply the labors of love of the creators and placed online for the hope that someone will see and appreciate them.

A film of the latter group is Filthy But Fine by Arthur Metcalf, a raucous short that details the insane lengths a delivery person will go to in order to bring a package to a customer. In addition to its original ideas and pulsing soundtrack (provided by Dance With The Dead), the short also features shout outs to many other pop culture icons. Some are subtle—like nods to Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crashand others not so much—like having Batman be one of the many characters with whom the delivery person interacts. It’s a fun short that people should watch as gangsters, demons, Batmen, and more all collide in one strange and exhilarating journey.


Filthy but Fine from Arthur Metcalf on Vimeo.