Like the proverbial snake eating its own tail, animated GIFs made from snippets of television programs will now be presented in TV form. Tumblr TV is basically what it says on the label: a never-ending panoply of animated GIFs to sit back and watch, streamed at a frenetic clip (they are just GIFs after all), so we can finally test the limits of our attention deficit disorders and/or have a handy resource for recreating the Ludovico technique in the comforts of our own homes. Following the link gives the viewer a random assortment of GIFs, some disturbing, some tame, some exciting, and some mundane, but mostly weird. It’s the closest someone can get to recreating the effect of watching alien transmissions beamed down to Earth a la “Rixty Minutes.”

Where Tumblr TV diverges from predecessors like Giphy TV is with its search features, which allow users to tailor the GIF stream experience to their liking—assuming that this is to anyone’s liking and not a sure sign that when the Space Ants come we’ll be ripe for relocation to their sugar caves.


[via Wired]