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Animals bark, growl, and howl their way through the cutest Pixies cover ever

The Pixies were long known as one of the most contentious groups in alternative rock. One might even say they fought like cats and dogs. Who better, then, to cover one of their most famous songs than some actual cats and dogs, plus some assorted sheep, foxes, and goats? The YouTube channel Insane Cherry has previously offered up what it calls “animal covers” of songs by Skrillex, System Of A Down, and Linkin Park. Insane Cherry’s latest creation is “Where Is My Mind? (Animal Cover),” a novelty remake of a track from the classic 1988 album Surfer Rosa in which the pleading vocals of Black Francis, the song’s author, have been replaced by the barks, meows, and various barnyard noises from YouTube animal videos. If The Singing Dogs or Jingle Cats had gone through a post-punk phase, this is the kind of record they would have made. Since most people know “Where Is My Mind?” as the closing theme from David Fincher’s 1999 film Fight Club, some footage from that cult favorite turns up here, too. The dialogue spoken by Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter has been suitably switched with the inarticulate grunting of beasts.


In the interest of giving credit where it is due, it should be pointed out that the animal vocalists on the track include this dog, this cat, this other cat, this incredible goat, this enthusiastic lamb who sounds just like Patrick Star, and even this fox. Really, it’s quite the choir they’ve assembled here. Any Pixies cover bands looking for a lead singer might want to consider visiting their local animal shelters.

[via Uproxx]

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