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Animal Crossing's KK Slider has started a Sufjan Stevens cover band

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Screenshot: Twoonty

Sufjan Stevens music is deeply emotional, capable of reducing a perfectly happy listener to a sobbing wreck in the space of a single, hushed verse or through a lush, beautifully orchestrated chorus. Obviously, there’s no better way to experience the power of this work than through the synth instrumentals and warbly vocal stylings of Animal Crossing’s guitar-playing dog-man, KK Slider.

Twoonty has been hard at work managing KK’s career as he explores Stevens’ catalogue. The canine musician, giant brows furrowed as he navigates the complexity of his past, began with a cover of “Casimir Pulaski Day,” effortlessly translating the banjo into his trademark digital guitar and singing the chorus with all the grace of a computer whirring frantically in the moments just before it explodes. 

KK has tackled another Illinois classic, too, presenting us with his take on “The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!” You can almost hear KK about to wipe tears from his sleepy black eyes as his computer throat strains to perform lines like, “Oh, how I meant to tease him/ Oh, how I meant no harm.”


Never one to shy from a challenge, KK Slider has even created a version of “Mystery Of Love” from the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack. Try not to crumble at the memory of Elio crying by the fireplace evoked by KK buzzing out the familiar melody.

KK Slider clearly has range. Aside from his Stevens covers, the melancholy dog-creature has also performed tracks from Radiohead, Mitski, and The Smiths. Each of these songs is beautiful, but we’ll leave you with what may be KK’s most heartfelt work to date: His soul-stirring version of Elliot Smith’s “Between The Bars.”

[via Garbage Day]

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