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Animal Crossing overlord stages adorably pathetic cover of Toto’s “Africa”

Illustration for article titled iAnimal Crossing/i overlord stages adorably pathetic cover of Toto’s “Africa”
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Animal Crossing: idyllic video game pastime or sinister means to indoctrinate our young and impressionable into capitalism’s foundations of debt slavery? We, of course, would never tell our readers what to think—instead, we’ll simply let you be the judge by watching this recent footage of a cruel Animal Crossing village overlord forcing their serfs to entertain them with song and dance via a cover of Toto’s “Africa.”

“It’s a bunch of Animal Crossing villagers trying their best,” reads the YouTube video description, which is certainly one way to describe it. Another way would be to say that a bunch of Animal Crossing indentured servants are desperately performing for their master in hopes of yet another measly pittance to ration out to that bastard, Tom Nook.

Of course, we could be looking at it a bit pessimistically, and you should instead take it as the video’s creator described on Twitter—“Africa” by way of a “5th grade band” assembly. (Also, kudos to the insane amount of work that actually went into this thing.)


But still, look at their fake little Animal Crossing smiles. You know there’s real fear of crushing financial debt lurking behind those cartoony eyes. As for the song itself, we’re pretty sure the last we heard of Toto’s “Africa” was Weezer’s equally adorable, equally pathetic version, which also depressingly turned into their biggest hit in over a decade, prompting them to release an entire album of covers, thus illustrating that life is just one, big game of Animal Crossing and we are but players in its grim, polyphonic cover band.

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