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Animal Collective pays tribute to The Golden Girls in new song

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Fans of experimental psychedelic pop music and of ’80s-era sitcoms will both find something to like in this brand new single from the Baltimore-borne trio Animal Collective. That’s because the group’s new single, “Golden Gal,” features a short, but very satisfying, audio sample from NBC’s long running sitcom, The Golden Girls.

In the intro to the song above, you’ll notice a short excerpt from the show’s third episode, “Rose The Prude,” in which Bea Arthur’s character Dorothy delivers one of her signature acerbic quips toward Rue McClanahan’s Blanche. ”No, Blanche,” Arthur says. “She’s upset because they keep changing the taste of Coke,” she adds, referencing the Coca-Cola Company’s mid-’80s public relations disaster when it changed the recipe of its most popular soft drink.

Animal Collective is known for having somewhat quirky sense of humor regarding its music, having debuted its new album Painting With back in November by playing it over the loudspeakers at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. “Golden Gal” is the third single off the album—after “FloriDada” and “Lying in the Grass”—and was recorded in the same L.A. studio where the Beach Boys recorded their 1966 classic Pet Sounds. Painting With is scheduled to be released on Friday, February 19 with the following tracklist:

1. “FloriDada”
2. “Hocus Pocus”
3. “Vertical”
4. “Lying in the Grass”
5. “The Burglars”
6. “Natural Selection”
7. “Bagels In Kiev”
8. “On Delay”
9. “Spilling Guts”
10. “Summing The Wretch”
11. “Golden Gal”
12. “Recycling”


[via Consequence Of Sound]

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