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Animal Collective, At The Drive-In, and The Flaming Lips to release tapes for Cassette Store Day

In keeping with the spirit of getting people out and buying physical media, this Sept. 7 will see the inaugural Cassette Store Day. And, though the media has been largely ignored by the majority of music consumers in recent years, its D.I.Y. aesthetic has helped it remain a viable option for upstarts bands.

The list of Cassette Store Day releases is small, but it packs a wallop with notable reissues from Animal Collective, At The Drive-In, Suicidal Tendencies, and Guided By Voices, while The Flaming Lips will be offering up its latest album The Terror for the occasion as well. The entire list can be seen here, which is aided by the inclusion of smaller acts and diverse compilations, making it just like Record Store Day but with way shorter lines, probably.


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