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Angry volcano strands bands in Europe, forces Coachella and other cancellations

Friday found a series of bands stranded in Europe, unable to travel to the U.S. for Coachella and other shows thanks to ash from a volcano erupting in Iceland. Press releases came over the wire stating that Frightened Rabbit, Bad Lieutenant, and Delphic are out; Pitchfork has reported The Cribs won't be able to make it and that Gary Numan is doubtful as well.

Los Campesinos!, who aren't playing Coachella this year, also had to reschedule some U.S. dates thanks to being stuck in London (and pretty bored, according to their Twitter feed). Coincidentally, we're 99 percent sure we saw Gareth Campesinos in a brief, unidentified CNN interview this morning being asked about the volcano travel delays.

Way to rockblock, Iceland.


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