Angelina Jolie is looking to branch out from her long career of marrying Brad Pitt and return to acting as an august-years lark, hanging up her bridal veil and toddlers and instead picking up a gun to run around with anew. Fortunately for audiences who may be confused as to why Angelina Jolie is running around with a gun these days, as opposed to marrying Brad Pitt over and over again in weddings of ever-escalating splendor, she's at least doing so under familiar circumstances by returning to the long-in-development Salt sequel. The Hollywood Reporter says that Becky Johnston has been hired to draft another take on the screenplay—a script that original writer Kurt Wimmer had already devised but that Jolie rejected, likely because it did not feature enough scenes where Angelina Jolie gets married to Brad Pitt.

As Johnston is best known for movies like The Prince Of Tides and Brad Pitt's Seven Years In Tibet, she's an obvious choice to draft the Angelina Jolie super-spy action film, given that she knows the importance of family and Brad Pitt. Anyway, last time we came up with plenty of possible sequel titles (Salt And Battery, Salt With A Deadly Weapon, Salt 2: Off The Table, 2 Salty 2 Saltier, Salt Licks Everyone, Salt: In The Wounds, Salt 2: Sodium Chlor-DIE, etc.), but these, too, didn't have nearly enough allusions to Angelina Jolie marrying Brad Pitt, so here are these: The Salt That Binds, For Better Or Salt, Holy Saltrimony, Salt 2: Do You Take This Pepper?, Meet Me At The Salter.