Given that we’ve been burned so many times before, we’re hesitant to believe anything that passes itself off as “Angelina Jolie’s next film” until we’re being bludgeoned with commercials—and that even goes for the stuff Jolie says herself. But whatever: Jolie has announced that she will make her feature directing debut with a “love story” set against the mood-setting milieu of the 1992-1995 Bosnian conflict, otherwise known as The Panty-Dropper War. (Seriously, next time you’re trying to get busy, instead of putting on Al Green, just lean over and whisper the words “Slobodan Milosevic” in your lady’s ear and enjoy the fireworks.)

Anyway, Jolie plans to start shooting in Sarajevo in the fall using “as many local people as possible”—which also means that she won’t be starring in it. Nevertheless, it’s obviously a real passion project for Jolie, considering she serves as Goodwill Ambassador for the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Refugees, and makes frequent visits to the area. So we’re willing to believe this Jolie project might actually happen, if only because her backing out this time would let down more than just fans of talking dog movies.