Producer Scott Rudin is reported to have purchased the rights to author Stacy Schiff’s forthcoming biography Cleopatra: A Life, with an eye on developing it into a film starring Angelina Jolie. Talks are merely preliminary at this point—although Rudin’s office has confirmed that he’s working on it “for and with Jolie,” which suggests (in a completely unsubstantiated way) that she’s already interested and involved—but for her part, Schiff seems to believe Jolie has “the perfect look” to play the Queen of the Nile, despite admitting that “we have little idea of what she actually looked like.” Of course, the real question is whether any studio is willing to touch a big-budget Cleopatra film again after what happened the last time. But then, we know that these days, all they have to do is put a little 3-D sugar on it and ka-ching ka-ching.