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Angelina Jolie really wanted to do Wanted 2, but the gravitational pull of Alfonso Cuaron was too strong. The Vulture blog reports Jolie has traded in assassinations for a mission in space and backed out of the sequel to the 2008 action film in order to star in the Children Of Men director’s latest. Gravity, penned by Cuaron and his son Jonas Cuaron, is a space-set thriller that sounds an awful lot like a Kubrickian alternative sequel to Alien: Jolie will play the lone survivor of a space mission trying to return to Earth and her daughter. And similar to Sam Rockwell in Moon, would be alone onscreen for the majority of the film.

Per the report, Wanted 2 will not be hanging a “help wanted” sign as the film has been scrapped instead of recast. Jolie was already attached to Gravity while it was in the works at Universal, but the studio sent it into turnaround and now David Heyman, who has been guiding the Harry Potter series for nearly a decade, is set to produce at Warner Bros.


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