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Angelina Jolie is going to make her Bosnian rape-romance in Bosnia whether Bosnia likes it or not

Hey, let’s talk about Angelina Jolie some more: Earlier this week, Jolie’s feature directorial debut—a romance set against the backdrop of the totally hot-and-bothered Bosnian war—had its shooting permits revoked, after Bosnia’s culture minister received complaints from the nation’s Women Victims of War. The group took issue with the central conceit of a Bosnian woman who’s raped by a Serbian man and subsequently falls in love with him—a story that Jolie hopes you won’t make any premature judgments about, because it has “many twists in the plot that address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters and that will be revealed once the film is released.” So maybe they start out as rapist and rape-victim, but then they bond over their mutual love of old movies, or something like that.

Anyway, the cries of war victims and a government ban are no match for the wiles of Angelina Jolie, who issued her own statement saying that the film is, in fact, planning to move its production to Bosnia once it wraps its current scenes in Budapest, with producers saying that the cancellation is “purely a technical matter.” We didn’t think a mere line of text could convey Angelina Jolie’s usual, coolly implacable, raised-eyebrow-and-perpetual-smirk demeanor, but there it is.

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