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Illustration for article titled Angelina Jolie addresses power shift within Jolie-Pitt organization by promoting two more children to emMaleficent/em

Hoping to offset a growing power struggle within the Jolie-Pitt organization, Angelina Jolie has responded to shareholder outcry by casting vice-Jolie-Pitt kids Zahara and Pax in Maleficent alongside their sister, Vivienne, after she was chosen to show Elle Fanning how to be a younger, more effective princess. The board reached a near-unanimous decision that Zahara and Pax were deserving of advancement—though their promotion is essentially in name only, as the 7-year-old Zahara and 8-year-old Pax will have smaller, non-speaking roles next to their 4-year-old sibling, much as they have also been instructed not to address Vivienne or look her in the eye when on set.


Us Weekly notes that 6-year-old Shiloh Pitt was also approached about being in her mother's Sleeping Beauty update, but on her scheduled day of filming, "she was bored and not in the mood," preferring to spend her afternoon lounging around the Chateau Marmont with her ne'er-do-well friends, still resting on the laurels of her breakout performance as a baby in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Some have already sought to oust Shiloh with a vote of no confidence, potentially condemning her to toiling permanently in middle management with Maddox and Knox, though this won't be officially decided until the next quarterly meeting.

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