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Angelina from Jersey Shore has a rap song, will punch your face

Discarded Jersey Shore castmate Angelina Somethingsomething hasn’t let the fact that she was twice rejected from the Jersey Shore host body from cashing in on her tenuous fame. Like The Situation before her, she’s also exploring ways to diversify, beginning with capturing her persona—which, again, was twice deemed too obnoxious for Jersey Shore—in song form, issuing the below rap single, “I’m Hot.” Armed only with a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Hop On Pop, apparently, she rips and she rhymes, she rhymes and she rips on various words that sound like “hot,” which she proclaims she is, “like an ice cream cone with a cherry on top.” Angelina is hot, like an ice cream cone. Also, she will “punch your face” in between “hanging out with all her friends.” [TMZ]

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