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Angela Lansbury won't be in Wes Anderson's next movie, because she is a creature of cruel treachery

Suggesting, as we always suspected, that Angela Lansbury is a slithering viper who feeds on deceit, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Lansbury has dropped out of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, despite repeated assurances that she would be a part of it. While Lansbury's official reason is that she will be too busy starring in a stage version of Driving Miss Daisy, more likely she has once more retreated to the shadows to ply her cunning grift on unsuspecting marks in the streets of Istanbul, where she's known in hushed whispers as The Poison Teapot. Lansbury joins Johnny Depp on the list of people who the Internet said would be but definitely won't be in Wes Anderson's European film—a list that could also possibly include newest rumored addition Ralph Fiennes, unless he values honesty.


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