Despite being one of the main characters on a comedy series that ran for nine varyingly comedic seasons, Angela Kinsey’s Angela Martin rarely got to do very much funny stuff. She played the wet blanket in an office full of wacky cartoon characters, and even when she was hiding a cat in her desk or making everyone acknowledge her sham marriage to a secretly gay senator (well, state senator), her character rarely seemed to be having any fun. Hopefully that will change for Kinsey’s next role, which will be on TBS’ upcoming Your Family Or Mine.

The show, which is a remake of an Israeli series, is about a newly married couple—played by Kat Foster and Kyle Howard—and each episode will switch between the two sides of the family. So one will focus on the guy’s terrible relatives, and the next will focus on the woman’s terrible relatives. It’s a clever twist on sitcom conventions that we’re calling “The Double Raymond”—in honor of the great comedic success Everybody Loves Raymond was able to pull out of having his parents stop by all the time. Unlike Raymond, though, Your Family Or Mine has two families and Richard Dreyfuss. Anyway, Kinsey will be the wife of the main guy’s brother, making her his sister-in-law (but not the sister-in-law who would be the sister of his wife). This all comes from Deadline, which says Kinsey’s character will get “the brunt of her in-laws’ insults,” suggesting that she’ll be the Toby of this show instead of the Angela. That’s a step up, right?