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The rebooted Planet Of The Apes movies may be surprisingly good, but, based on their weird titles, it’s a bit hard to tell them apart. Does a dawn come before a rise or does a rise come before a dawn? Either way, the problem is only going to get worse when 20th Century Fox comes out with a yet-untitled third entry in the series. If Andy Serkis—who plays lead monkey Caesar—gets his way, though, it’s probably going to get significantly more confusing before the series reaches an actual reboot of the original Planet Of The Apes movie.


Speaking with MTV UK—which is a lot like the American MTV, except the music videos it doesn’t show have a lot more superfluous U’s—Serkis says that he thinks the series could go on past the trilogy it was originally planned to be. Rather than just three movies, he says “it could be four. It could be five. Who knows? The journey will continue.” He thinks it will all eventually arrive at The Planet Of The Apes, but he doesn’t know “whether it’s [the next film] or not.” It seems like it all depends on how quickly the apes continue to evolve. They started using guns and talking in the last movie, which is basically all any creature needs in order to surpass humanity, so we don’t know how much more evolving they really need to do.

No matter how many more movies there are, though, we’ll still probably be confused by what they’re called. Fox can’t just start calling them Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes 2, so it’ll have to be Day Of The Planet Of The Apes, and then maybe Night Of The Living Planet Of The Apes, and then, of course, Hail To The Chimp.

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