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Andy Serkis shares a few details on Avengers 2, but still won’t say who he’s playing

Somewhere on Andy Serkis’ To Do List, it says “Defeat Frank Welker for the title of Guy Who Is In Everything Ever.” Welker has over 700 credits on his IMDB page, so Serkis has a ways to go, but he’ll have a good chance to start padding his numbers when he officially joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

We first reported that Serkis—who can currently be seen wiping out the human race as Caeser in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes—was doing something in Marvel’s next big team-up movie back in June, but we didn’t have very many details about what his role would be. Now, though, thanks to an interview with MTV, we know pretty much the exact same amount. Serkis still won’t say anything about the character he’s playing in the movie, but he did share a little bit about how he got the role.


Apparently Serkis and his Imaginarium Studios were hired by Marvel to act as consultants to help Mark Ruffalo play the motion-captured Hulk a little more realistically. Serkis says that some actors have a hard time working with people in mo-cap suits, so he and his crew go in to make the whole process a little more believable. Thanks to the same technology that will someday soon make all actors obsolete, Ruffalo can film a scene and then go back and see himself as the Hulk in the playback right away.

It’s all very interesting, but it’s not as interesting as actually finding out what character Serkis is playing in Age Of Ultron. However, using our fabulous powers of deductive reasoning, we’ve determined that he’s going to play some sort of computer-generated creature. It’ll probably be an alien/monkey/robot/surprise mystery thing.

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