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Andy Samberg will star in Michael Schur's cop show at Fox

While That's My Boy may have hinted at an imminent future in which Andy Samberg, recently loosed from Saturday Night Live, might follow his questionably chosen mentor to a primarily big-screen career, he'll be back on TV sooner than you thought—especially if you're not British, and therefore it's "sooner than you thoght." According to Deadline, Samberg has landed the lead in that previously reported cop comedy from Parks And Recreation's Michael Schur over at Fox, starring as the head detective in a group of New York City-area investigators whose comedic ineptness can now be judged by the fact that Andy Samberg is apparently their leader. Schur has said that Samberg was "the first guy we thought of when we designed the part," which suggests that—like a less extreme version of Samberg's role on Parks—this detective may crack cases by shouting at them.


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