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Andy Samberg will star in a British TV series

Now that he's officially graduated from Saturday Night Live, Andy Samberg already has another TV project lined up: the six-part comedy series Cuckoo, which airs on BBC Three later this year. Samberg will star as the title character, a New Age-obsessed hippie newly wed to Being Human's Tamla Kari, whose parents are unpleasantly surprised by their daughter’s hippified transformation and choice of mate. Samberg's "squared-jawed, self-appointed spiritual ninja" will then face off against those parents, played by Helen Baxendale (whom you might recognize as Ross’s British ex-fiancée from Friends) and Welsh comedian Greg Davies. Of the teaming between Samberg and Davies, who’s also an alumnus of British sitcom The Inbetweeners, the show's executive producer Ash Atalla (The Office) describes it as “the best of British meets the toast of Hollywood.” He also hopes that Cuckoo will “cement the special relationship between our two great countries,” adding, “I imagine [Barack] Obama and [British Prime Minister David] Cameron will be watching closely.”


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