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Andy Samberg treats Seth Meyers to some of his rejected Golden Globes jokes

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh’s comedy intro at the Golden Globes was pretty good, with a good-natured “roast” about how talented everyone was, a funny line about the hosts least favorite race (the L.A. half-marathon), and a very good gag about Lady Gaga’s frequently reused anecdote about Bradley Cooper believing in her. As good as it was, though, there were some pretty good jokes that didn’t make the cut—and also some fairly bad jokes that justifiably didn’t make the cut. Samberg shared the rejected jokes on Seth Meyers’ Late Night, rattling off a list of them with some side commentary on why they were cut and whether it was good that they were cut. (For the record, the Spike Lee joke about the Knicks is better than the audience reaction would imply.)

As fun as that clip is, here’s an extra challenge: Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman has teased on Twitter that he wrote “one of the worst” jokes, so watch the clip and try to guess which one! He revealed the answer, and we won’t spoil it here, but it’s definitely the one that sounds the most like something he would laugh at. Anyway, now that we’ve referenced both Scott Aukerman, CBB, and Andy Samberg, that can only mean one thing:

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