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Illustration for article titled Andy Samberg and Kit Harington will play tennis, hilariously, for HBO

Sports icons Andy Samberg and Kit Harington are set to face off in HBO’s upcoming tennis mockumentary 7 Days In Hell. Well, Samberg and Harington will play sports icons in 7 Days In Hell, a comedic account of a week-long match at The Wimbledon Championships (or, as it goes in the British syntax: “The Championships, Wimbeldon”) written by Girls writer-producer Murray Miller. To fill the grass courts around Samberg’s  “bad-boy” Aaron Williams and Harington’s truck-driving (or, as the British say: “lorry-driving-whut-whut”) wunderkind Charles Lloyd Poole, 7 Days In Hell has drafted the likes of Fred Armisen, Lena Dunham, Karen Gillan, and Soledad O’Brien. Because if you’re going to make an Andy Samberg-Kit Harington tennis mockumentary co-starring June Squibb and Mary Steenburgen, you just gotta have Emmy-winning broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien. As the previous king of tennis-related comedy would say to someone trying to make a pretend documentary about a Wimbledon match that lasted for seven consecutive days, and then decided to do so without Soledad O’Brien, “You cannot be serious.”


The announcement of 7 Days In Hell signals the official end of Will Ferrell’s sports-comedy dynasty, an unprecedented championship run that lasted the better part of a decade and encompassed disciplines as wide-ranging as figure skating, stock-car racing, youth soccer, and what Kenny Powers calls “baseball.”

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