While Conan O’Brien is still “legally prohibited” from entertaining the nice people on TV until the fall, TBS has found a workaround, tapping sidekick Andy Richter and the show’s writing staff to put on a show put on a show put on a shooooow, during June’s annual Just For Laughs festival in Chicago, to be taped for broadcast on June 27. Under the working title Team Coco Presents Conan’s Writers Live (catchy!), Richter will preside over a special featuring performances by the ink-stained wretches in Conan’s writing room as well as Reggie Watts, the fucking awesome musician/comedian who’s currently opening O’Brien’s live dates. “It was a good way to do a special that was about the show and not so specifically focused on Conan," Richter said, promising that it will give the audience a “taste” of the forthcoming talk show, which debuts in November. Tickets for the taping go on sale Friday.