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Having recently scored—with a little assist from our collective dismay at creepy clownstwo of the most financially successful horror movies of all time, It director Andy Muschietti has pretty clearly entered the blank check era of his career. You know the one: It’s the part of a young director’s career where where their individual dream project tends to take shape, because, hell, they made a billion dollars, right?

Muschietti has already signed on to direct Warner Bros.’ long-promised, semi-cursed Flash movie, which he talked up briefly while moderating a panel for the new Kristen Stewart Fights Water flick Underwater yesterday. But, per ThatHashtagShow, he also revealed the project he’ll be digging into after that, and it’s pretty classic “Young horror fan becomes older horror director” fare: A remake of Joe Dante’s werewolf classic The Howling, for Netflix.


Directed by Dante in 1981, The Howling drew praise for its creature effects, as well as and for Dante’s soon-to-be-signature blend of comedy and horror. It was even enough of a success to help move Dante into his own “Trust me, this will work” era, spurring Warner Bros. to put enough faith in him to get Gremlins off the ground. (Dear Andy Muschietti and also all other non-Joe Dante directors: Keep your hands the fuck off Gremlins, please.)

There’s no word yet on what form this new project might take; Muschietti has a whole 2020 superhero blockbuster to get through before taking it on, after all. If nothing else, though, we can keep our claws crossed for some kickass new transformation effects; we would also accept a Robert Picardo cameo, if it comes to that.

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