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Andy Muschietti decides to revisit the past, make yet another damn Time Machine movie

Rod Taylor, starring in the 1960 version of The Time Machine.
Photo: Silver Screen Collection (Getty Images)

The laws of time and space are powerful, sure, but they’ve got nothing on the public domain. Hence Deadline reporting tonight that Andy Muschietti—still riding high on the clown-based box office success of last year’s It—is working on yet another damn film adaptation of H.G. Wells’ free-for-the-taking science fiction classic The Time Machine.

Muschietti—who’s writing the movie with his producing partner and sister, Barbara Muschietti—is already pretty busy at the moment, but, then, that’s presumably one of the benefits of fucking around with cinematic time travel. He’s currently working on It: Chapter 2, for instance, and also recently announced that he was interested in a Hollywood version of the popular anime series Attack On Titan. But damn it, nobody was going to be able to sleep tonight without knowing that a third Time Machine movie was in the works, and so here we are.


Past film version of Wells’ book previously arrived in theaters in 1960 and 2002, with Rod Taylor and Guy Pearce playing their respective travelers. Both film versions stick to Wells’ basic plot, in which the human race eventually divides itself so rigidly that it functionally becomes two different species and oh nooooow we get it.

Anyway, fellow Morlocks, the Muschiettis’ version of the film probably won’t be out for a couple of years, provided we all last that long before the moon blows up or whatever else happens to doom us all. If you happen to have a time machine, though, feel free to go check it out, then come back and let us know how it all turned out. (Let us know about the moon thing, too.)

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