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Andy Garcia to play Ricardo Montalbán in My Dinner With Hervé

(Photo: Getty Images, Rodin Eckenroth)

HBO’s My Dinner With Hervé is a TV movie about one fateful night in the life of Hervé Villechaize, who played Tattoo on Fantasy Island, but you can’t tell a story about one of the Fantasy Island guys without the other Fantasy Island guy stopping by. Thankfully, according to Deadline, Andy Garcia has been cast as Ricardo Montalbán, though we don’t know how big his role in the story will be.

My Dinner With Hervé is based on a true story about Villechaize (Peter Dinklage) giving an interview to a struggling journalist (played by Jamie Dornan) that eventually turns into a “wild night” that has “life-changing consequences” for both men. In real life, Villechaize killed himself shortly after the interview, but the movie version could (and probably will) fictionalize things a fair amount.


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