In news that, unfortunately, probably won’t surprise anybody, Andy Dick has been arrested for grand larceny. This comes from TMZ—similarly unsurprisingly—which says that Dick allegedly stole a man’s $1,000 necklace last week. Apparently, the man was walking down Hollywood Boulevard and Andy Dick rode up on a bike, asked to see the necklace, and then rode off with it. The police were called, but they couldn’t find Dick until Friday night when they arrested him outside his apartment.

What is surprising about all of this, though, is that the story does not seem to involve Andy Dick’s penis in any way. That’s a nice change of pace from our usual Andy Dick-related Newswires. Sure, we don’t have all of the facts yet—like why this $1,000 necklace was so nice that Dick just had to (allegedly) have it that very second—so there’s still time for a new twist to come out that reveals Dick used his penis to distract the guy, and then he (allegedly) made off with the necklace. Either way, this is a helpful reminder for us to be careful about what expensive jewelry we’re wearing while walking down the street—especially if Andy Dick is nearby.