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Andy Daly to play the anti-Stamos on Grandfathered


On the upcoming Fox comedy Grandfathered, John Stamos plays a very Stamos-like character who spends all of his time being charming and sleeping with women—until he discovers that not only is he a father, but he’s also a grandfather. Josh Peck is the son Stamos didn’t know about, Paget Brewster is Peck’s mother, and some baby will play Peck’s baby. Now, according to Deadline, Fox has hired Review’s Andy Daly to play a character who is essentially the anti-Stamos. The article says he’ll be “an all-American, fleece-wearing dad type” who used to date Brewster’s character and was basically a surrogate father to Peck’s character. Also, though he’s “extremely well-mannered and a little dorky,” apparently he can “do anything,” which makes Stamos hate him. We’re not sure how anyone could possibly dislike Andy Daly, but that’s probably the whole point of the character. Hopefully he at least gets a chance to jump out of a window.

Grandfathered will premiere on September 29.


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