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Andy Daly launches new podcast featuring “Weird Al” and Rachel Bloom

(Photo: Donna Ward/Getty Images)

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project might be the funniest thing Scott Aukerman’s Earwolf network has ever released, with its wide buffet of podcast concepts serving as the perfect vehicle for Daly’s twin gifts for world-building and creating cheerfully awful human beings. Sadly, it only ran for a single season (presumably because Daly is pretty busy with the also-excellent Review). Now, though, he’s announcing a new star-studded podcast, soon to be available via Howl.fm.

Going off the show’s teaser trailer, Hoot Gibson: Vegas Cowboy sounds perfectly on-brand for Daly, a chaotic clash of old-school ’50s glamour and barely contained madness. Daly plays Gibson, a Hollywood cowboy type with an endlessly chipper demeanor (for now, anyway). He’s joined by a hefty cross-section of podcasting luminaries voicing a host of big old-school Vegas names, including Superegos Matt Gourley as Frank Sinatra, Crazy Ex-Girlfriends Rachel Bloom as Angie Dickinson, and Paul F. Tompkins as Howard Hughes. Other cast-members include “Weird Al” Yankovic and Baron Vaughn, suggesting Daly and creators Eric Martin and Justin Michael are stacking the deck to try to get fans to listen to the show when it arrives on the podcasting app this fall.


Hoot Gibson: Vegas Cowboy will be available on Howl’s Premium service, alongside other exclusive shows, like Issa Rae’s audio drama Fruit and Jemaine Clement’s The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium.

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