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Andrew W.K. to host hippest kids’ show in all the land

Andrew W.K. will pump up a whole new generation as the host of Meet Me At The Reck, a new kids’ show. The six-part educational series premieres Oct. 4 on Maker.TV’s Cartoonium and follows W.K. and a band of L.A. kids the show calls “reckers” who “celebrate the importance of using your imagination.” Episodes of the show will feature guest appearances from Jack Black, Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods, and YouTube star Stampylonghead, as well as drop-ins from notable scientists, musicians, and extreme athletes. Though it’s hard to imagine how all this excitement will be packed into the show’s five- to seven-minute episodes, W.K. does have experience making zany things happen in short amounts of time, both in concert and on shows like Cartoon Network’s Destroy Build Destroy. So it’s probably pretty safe to give him the benefit of the doubt.


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