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Andrew Lloyd Webber attempting to make School Of Rock into a hit Broadway musical

Phantom of the opera Andrew Lloyd Webber has purchased the theatrical rights to one of the greatest stories of the modern era, the 2003 film School Of Rock, and has plans to turn it into a Broadway smash. Webber dropped the news in a CBC Radio interview this past week, and said he’s “very excited” to turn the film, which he simplistically called “a musical about kids playing the guitar,” into something audiences might actually choose to revisit.

The Paul F. Tompkins muse said he also might expand the musical content of the movie for the stage, meaning he might add his own overly theatrical rock songs to the mix before casting a bunch of really dramatic kids who may or may not know who Nirvana is. Jack Black hasn’t commented on the project yet, but if he’s available, this could be a good way for him to get one step closer to EGOTing and/or contributing to the decline of serious theater.


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