Years from now, when people think of Andrew Bird, they may remember him not as a singer-songwriter and violinist whose work blended tropes from jazz, pop, and folk, but as the man behind the Professor Socks universe. In a recent interview with HitFix, Bird reveals that his latest project is a TV show for kids, inspired by Sesame Street and the work of iconic puppeteer Jim Henson.

The star of Professor Socks’ TV Show will be an academic “who’s out to lunch on most scientific facts,” and who will spend each episode using a magic dresser full of magic socks (though it’s unclear whether both the dresser and the socks are magic) to explore different “vocational worlds.” He'll be aided by a librarian and a fox—both of whom, it’s presumed, will be wacky and/or whimsical in some way.


Aside from mentioning that he wrote the theme song last week, Bird provided few other details as to how far along he is on developing the project, or even if any networks have expressed interest in airing it. However, he says he hopes it will be a vehicle he and his musical friends can use to introduce some old pop standards to a (much, much) younger audience.

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