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Andre Braugher and Chelsea Peretti to add extra layers of no-nonsense, nonsense to Mike Schur's cop comedy

With Terry Crews already aboard as the no-nonsense police captain who won’t put up with any of Andy Samberg’s shenanigans, Mike Schur’s still-untitled Fox cop comedy has hired Andre Braugher as another no-nonsense police captain, to squelch any nonsense that may still slip through the cracks. As the saying goes, who no-nonsense polices the no-nonsense police? The answer is Andre Braugher, whose training on Homicide, Law And Order: SVU, and most recently Last Resort have left him well-versed in captaining and the restricting of nonsense, even on a national level. And as the 30-year veteran who inherits command of the New York precinct, Braugher will make sure everyone behaves in an orderly fashion—including the also-just-added Chelsea Peretti, the comedian and Parks And Recreation writer who adds an extra layer of bureaucratic nonsense as the department’s “eccentric office manager.” Damn it, that eccentricity is going to get someone killed someday.


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