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This week wraps up what turned out to be a summer chock-full of Outkast news, as the hip-hop duo is set to conclude its 20th anniversary festival tour with a trio of homecoming concerts at Atlanta’s Centennial Park. Friday is alsothe official U.S. release date for Andre Benjamin’s Jimi Hendrix biopic, Jimi: All Is By My Side, and to celebrate the occasion(s)—but probably also to fulfill his film promotion duties, considering his disdain for doing press—Mr. Three Stacks spoke with Rolling Stone to talk about Outkast’s chemistry, as well as his experience with playing another famous musician.


When asked who he’d cast, were somebody to make a similar biopic about Outkast, Andre 3000 replied that Kevin Hart would make a good Big Boi. But for telling the story of his own life, the role should go to ”somebody stupid—like Leonardo DiCaprio.” (Oh, by the way, the Outkast film would be a comedy.) These days, especially with his developing TV dramas based on Q-Tip’s life and rapping “Scenario,” it actually seems easier to picture DiCaprio getting into the role of a black hip-hop quirkmaster than it does to imagine DiCaprio in a feel-good comedy. But, hey, maybe we’ve been watching J. Edgar wrong for three years.

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