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André 3000 just wandering the streets, playing the flute for delighted strangers

Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

Aside from a handful of excellent guest verses and the sporadic release of a few new songs, André 3000 has mostly disappeared from music since Outkast’s last record, the soundtrack to their movie Idlewild, came out back in 2006. Lately, though, he’s made an unexpected return to the limelight with a brand new tour that consists entirely of maybe seeing André walking down the street playing a flute.

As Consequence Of Sound’s Lake Schatz reports, André has been spotted debuting his gentle new melodies in Los Angeles and New York City, but has mostly been seen in Philadelphia where he’s currently shooting upcoming AMC series Dispatches From Elsewhere alongside Jason Segel and Sally Field.


An Instagram user in Philadelphia posted a short clip of André plying his trade, just walking down a sidewalk with a big backpack on, the relaxing tones of a wooden flute blowing into the air as he goes.

While no other videos of the world’s coolest pied piper seem to exist, plenty of people have taken photos with André as he makes stops on this leg of his innovative 2019 tour.

Here he is visiting the streets outside last week’s Netroots Nation convention and some craft store:


In each of the photos, André seems super happy, smiling for selfies and generally just carrying himself with the carefree joy of a guy who’s currently spending his downtime rambling through cities while playing one of the most peaceful-sounding instruments in existence.


Everyone he encounters seems pretty excited (as is only natural when you suddenly see one half of Outkast when out running errands), which means that, really, André may have found the best way to both delight his fans and keep himself happy while performing music, too.


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