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Anderson Cooper apologizes for Trump desk-shitting comment

(Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

The slow, public maddening of Anderson Cooper continued apace yesterday, when the CNN star—who recently talked about muting the White House on Twitter, and who launched a truly epic on-air eye roll at Kellyanne Conway when she recently attempted to parse the differences between “Candidate Donald Trump” and “President Donald Trump”—interrupted a guest to note that he’d still support Trump even if he “took a dump on his desk.”

To be fair, Cooper was talking to Jeffrey Lord, a guy whose loyalty to the president is so indefatigable and logic-resistant that Cooper’s interjection comes off less as a joke, and more as a Vegas-odds prediction. (“Actually, Anderson, I think the president’s latest act shows a lot of courage, not to mention a diet that’s much higher in fiber than the lying fake media reports.”) Still, we can’t help but wonder if Cooper’s current day job—which basically amounts to talking to deeply irritating people on a frankly infuriating subject—is actually all that good for his temper or his mental health. In any case, Cooper later apologized, because this is America, and that’s what you do when you can’t restrain yourself from talking about presidential desk-shitting on national TV.


[via Variety]

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