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Anders Holm to star in Mindy Kaling’s new NBC pilot

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Mindy Kaling is a successful TV writer and star (not to mention author), but she’s still not taking any chances with her pilot for her show about hot bros. The Mindy Project creator has tapped Anders Holm, her sometime Mindy costar and the co-creator of his own highly-rated comedy series, Workaholics, to lead the untitled project.

The single-camera comedy will star Holm as Vince, a gym owner and the elder of two fit brothers. His younger sibling has been described as a gorgeous dummy, so we can expect whatever jokes come from having two guys of varying degrees of attractiveness take on the world. But their fun-loving ways are interrupted by the arrival of the son Vince never knew he had with Priya, an old high school fling who will be played by Kaling. We’re not positive, but we think Vince’s heart will end up getting as much of a workout as his quads once there’s an even younger dude in the house. (If NBC ends up using that tagline somewhere, just know you read it here first).


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